Cheetara in Purple Daze – by Calibos

August 18th, 2011 by admin

Content disclaimer: This is a FANTASY story depicting EXTREME
SEXUAL SITUATIONS. If you are likely to be offended by fictional scenes of
rape, bondage, forced impregnation, sado-masochism and other hardcore fetish
activity please do not read this story.

Legal disclaimer: I do not own the characters or any other
copyright material described in this story, nor do I imply any claim of ownership
of these through my writing about them. I make no profit from this story,
which is purely a work of parody and erotic fan-appreciation.



“Purple Daze”

by Calibos

Like a flash of lightning, a blur of yellow light streaked through the forest,
darting and weaving between the dense trees with incredible accuracy. The
startled wildlife barely had time to react before the light passed them by,
racing deeper into the woods faster than the eye could follow, fallen leaves
billowing in its wake. At last it started to slow, and a shape could be made
out through the blur of motion. A humanoid shape. Then, without warning, the
figure screeched to a sudden halt, tearing up the ground with its feet as
it dug its heels into the forest floor.

Cheetara stood in the half-clearing, panting for breath as she
surveyed the heavily-vined trees all around her. By Thundera, she loved to
run! She had already explored much more of Third Earth than any of her fellow
Thundercats, and she had no intention of stopping while there was still so
much left to see. Today she had gone further than ever before, penetrating
deep into an unknown jungle far from the Cats’ Lair, but whereas the others
could travel all day and not reach this spot the journey had taken Cheetara
mere minutes.

She sat down heavily on a dark green mound about the size of
a barrel, surprised by the texture and softness of it. She had thought it
was a moss-covered boulder, but the surface was leathery and it had a little
give to it, like a hard cushion. This planet was so strange to her – this
bizarre rubbery rock, those weird, thick vines dangling everywhere from the
trees nearby, covered in a strange assortment of bumps and ridges, the curious
purple flowers that grew all around the ‘rock’ where she sat… Truly, she
had never seen a place like this before.

Stretching and sighing, she inhaled deeply as she tried to regain
her strength. She had run too fast, she knew, and now she was exhausted. Her
skintight orange leotard and yellow bodystocking were drenched in sweat, clinging
even tighter than normal to her athletic but feminine physique. Her breathing
was ragged, her lungs burned and her muscles ached. It was a dangerous condition
to be in, out in the middle of nowhere with Mumm-Ra and Mutants and Claudus-knows-what
else on the prowl. Cheetara knew she could not protect herself in the event
of an attack the way she felt right now, or even escape at any great speed.

She sighed again, and somehow the potential dangers of her situation
didn’t really matter. She wasn’t worried or afraid, she just felt… nice.
What was that lovely smell? Those flowers? Their scent was delicious – sweet
and intoxicating and so very, very relaxing.

Cheetara leaned forward drowsily, slumping forward on her makeshift
seat as she reached down to the flowers. Plucking one carefully between her
finger and thumb she heaved herself heavily back upright, swaying slightly
as if drunk. She gazed through half-lidded eyes at the fragile bloom nestling
between her delicate fingers and smiled lazily. Pretty, she thought. The petals
were round but pointed and a deep, rich purple in color, arrayed in layers
around a long, thin stamen that quivered obscenely in her grasp. It looks
like a boy-flower, she mused dreamily, vaguely aware that her thoughts were
muddled and she couldn’t seem to think as clearly as normal.

“Do you get boy-flowers?” she asked aloud, mildly
surprised that she was slurring her words. She must be more tired than she
thought. No matter, she was resting now, and she knew that she was safe here.
She didn’t know why she was so sure of this, but she was certain no harm could
befall her here. Cheetara held the flower to her face and inhaled slowly but

The scent was even better up close. It soothed and caressed
her senses just like before, but now it also took on another more thrilling
quality. It sparkled like starlight through her foggy mind into hidden parts
of her subconscious, sending ripples of pleasure across her skin that seemed
to home in on her breasts and crotch, crackling like electricity across her
erogenous zones. Her eyes closed in blissful rapture as she breathed in the
scent. Lost in her world of hazy sensuality, she didn’t notice the vines hanging
around her twitch and move ever so slightly, even though there was no breeze
to move the foliage in this mysterious clearing.

Cheetara opened her eyes and regarded the flower with dilated
pupils and an unfocused gaze. Her smile had become a broad grin, and although
she had long since regained her breath from running her chest still rose and
fell in heavy, labored sighs.

“Mmm,” she purred, “Boy-flower, you smell wonderful.
I’m going to take you home with me.” So saying, she clumsily wove the
purple bloom into her thick mane of black-spotted blonde hair, moving in exaggerated
slow motion as she took great care not to crush the fragile petals.

“There!” she chimed, grinning like an idiot and gently
patting the flower in her hair, “Now you’re mine forever!”

Her head sagged a little and her gaze wandered downwards, drunkenly
surveying all the other purple flowers that surrounded her. A waft of scent
rose up to her twitching nostrils, a thick cloud of perfume from the dozens
of blooms at her feet. Cheetara breathed deeply, and fireworks of delight
seemed to go off in the back of her brain. The resultant surge of pleasant
warmth and sensitivity to her most intimate womanly parts made her clothes
seem even more uncomfortable than before. She writhed in pleasure and frustration
on the green mound where she sat and tried to focus her vision. Her brows

“All the little boy-flowers,” Cheetara murmured, struggling
with her speech as she tried to remember words and language. She stared in
confusion and dismay at the rows of purple petals all around her.

“All these boy-flowers, but no girl-flowers?” She
frowned, clearly unhappy about this sad state of affairs. She shifted again
on her seat, her sweat-stained uniform now feeling as if it was about 3 sizes
too small.

“S’not fair,” the Thundercat drawled, ignoring the
annoying buzzing that had started up in the back of her brain. She would deal
with that later, this was more important.

Suddenly Cheetara had an idea. Enlightenment dawned slowly across
her stupefied face as her features lit up with glee.

“I know!” she cried, lurching to her feet, careful
not to tread on any of her new friends. “I’ll be your girl-flower!”
She started giggling like an infant at the simple genius of her idea.

“Better get rid of these dumb clothes though,” she
mumbled, eager for any excuse to be rid of the constraining garments at this
point. “Flowers don’t wear clothes, that’d be stupid!”

Fumbling with her leotard, she managed to get it halfway down
over her shoulders before losing her patience and tearing at the fabric in
frustration. It came apart easily under her razor-sharp claws, and the shreds
of material fluttered gracefully down to the forest floor. Cheetara tut-tutted
and bent double to pick up the pieces, carefully lifting them off the flowers
they had landed on. “Sorry boys,” she purred with a chuckle as she
freed the blooms from the scraps of her outer clothing.

She was left in just her translucent body-stocking. It clung
to her shapely legs, running taut across her lean, athletic torso and stretching
to bursting point over the Thundercat’s disproportionately large breasts before
hooking over her shoulder and running down her left arm. It was never intended
as her sole attire and it revealed more than it hid even at the best of times.
The gauzy material was pulled so tight across her bulging bust that it became
completely transparent. Her pale pink areola were clearly visible, and her
painfully-erect nipples stood out like hard little plugs on her magnificent

The unfettered display of her bust was not unusual when Cheetara
wore only this insubstantial body-covering. What was slightly less common
was the fact that the whole crotch of the bodystocking was now soaked with
her female juices, so that it too had become entirely see-through. The stain
of her arousal spread halfway up her belly and right up the cleft of her perfect
round ass, and it had leaked down her inner thighs almost as far as her knees.
When she bent over at the waist to pick up her leotard, anyone standing behind
the cat-woman would have clearly seen the beautifully-formed folds of her
labia and the hard pink nub of her eager clit poking out against the moist,
clinging fabric.

The fact that the suit was already soaked with sweat didn’t
help either – the entire thing was now more of a color-tint to her skin than
a body-covering, and the areas most females would do their utmost to keep
hidden were those areas most fully on display. Cheetara, however, was not
most females. She was a Thundercat, and had no taboos when it came to nudity.
The fact was that she only wore these clothes for protection, as her Lord
Jaga had commanded – though she often wondered what sort of protection he
thought a flimsy, skintight swimsuit and translucent bodystocking would offer

Not that she could form such complex thoughts at this point.
All she knew, and all she wanted to know, was that she had to get undressed
so that she could be a girl-flower for her little purple friends. On a more
intense, primal level she was driven by the need to get out of these constraining,
uncomfortable clothes before they drove her mad with frustration. She snarled
at her discomfort and her annoyance at how difficult the simple act of undressing
had become. In a single wrench she tore the entire sodden-wet suit from her
body, her flesh stinging as the fabric ripped and snapped from her skin.

Cold air washed over her exposed flesh, raising goosebumps on
her quivering muscles, drying the moistness on her velvety skin and cooling
her burning-hot breasts and twitching vulva. By Thundera, that felt good.
Cheetara’s head lolled blissfully from side to side as she swayed groggily
on her feet, so relieved to be free of her prison of clothing. Her head slumped
down on her chest. Was it just her, or did her breasts look bigger than before?
Her nipples were certainly larger than they’d ever been before, each one standing
out a clear inch from her swollen breasts, painfully hard and almost visibly

Leaning forward, she could just about see past the swell of
her breasts to her flowery friends below. The Thundercat grinned as she greeted
the purple blooms around her feet. It was then she realized that she still
had her boots on. Lazily extending an arm down towards them she noticed that
she was also still wearing her bracelets. She sighed, enjoying another delicious
waft of the sex-perfume, and decided that she was naked enough.

If only she didn’t still have that irritating buzzing in the
back of her head. The Thundercat frowned and shook herself, convinced that
if she ignored it that it would go away, no longer able to recognize the warning
signals from her sixth sense for what they were. To her scent-addled brain
it was just a nasty, grating feeling that she wanted rid of because it was
spoiling her fun. Even her normal senses were dulled to such an extent that
she never noticed the ends of several of the thick green vines detach themselves
from nearby trees, writhing like tentacles as they slowly curled and slithered
through the air towards her.

Cheetara slumped back down with a thud onto her green mound
seat and flung her arms wide with a beaming grin. Her breasts bounced and
wobbled wildly with the motion, and she addressed the assembled blooms at
the top of her voice.

“Here am!” she cried, unable now to recall even the
basics of language. “Me you girl-flower! Boy-flowers like girl-flower?”

She glanced dopily around the purple flowers and, getting no
response, frowned again.

“No like?” she pouted, and flopped her arms down by
her sides. Her head slumped in disappointment, and she was faced again with
her enormous boobs, wobbling heavily on her athletic feminine frame. Once
again, realization dawned across Cheetara’s face.

“No look like flower!” she gasped, her dazed mind
grasping at the concept of attractive appearance. She looked liked a Thundercat,
not a flower. But she wanted to be pretty for the lonely boy-flowers! What
could she do to look like a flower?

From out of nowhere, inspiration struck her feeble mind. She
rocked back on her leathery seat, nearly slipping in the pool of female honey
that had gathered there from her pulsing, cum-squirting cunt. Raising her
legs up into the air, Cheetara spread them wide and reached around her thighs
to that hot, sticky center of her passion. She knew the answer now – she would
show them her womanly flower, the pink-petaled orchid of her pussy.

Dipping her fingers into the folds of her labia she stretched
them wide apart. Her pussy-hole gaped open, and immediately a torrent of welled-up
love juice came gushing out, seeping into the green mound she sat on and dribbling
down onto the grass below.

“Pussy flower!” she cried in delight, and the delicate
skin of her inner lips did indeed resemble the fragile petals of a flower,
with her stiff, swollen clitoris like a throbbing bud in the center. Cheetara’s
woman-flower even had its own perfume – a musky, heady scent that could drive
any male (and most females) wild with desire.

The drug-dazed Thundercat tried to look at her friends the flowers
to see if they liked her now, but in this new, obscenely lewd posture she
could see nothing past her own massive tits and well-toned curvaceous thighs.
She knew that they must love it though. She could just imagine their happy
little flower-faces, not lonely any more now that they had a girl-flower to
play with. She closed her eyes and purred to herself, content in the knowledge
of a good deed well done.

The first vines struck without warning, twisting like lightning
around her ankles as they waved aimlessly in the air. It took a few moments
for Cheetara to respond, her dulled, slow-witted reflexes far from the catlike
reactions she possessed mere minutes ago. She opened her mouth to protest,
but all she could manage was a kitten-like mewl as the vines tightened and
she was hoist roughly into the air by her leather-booted feet. Her hands fell
involuntarily from her hot little pussy with the shock of being flung about
so violently, and even in that moment of attack all she could think of was
how the poor little boy-flowers had lost their pink, fleshy friend.

The entangling tendrils dangled the Thundercat aloft for a few
seconds, her body flailing like a ragdoll before two more vines swooped in
to ensnare her bracelet-clad wrists. Cheetara was quickly losing consciousness
from the blood rushing to her head, and when they spun her upright again she
almost passed out cold. Something kept her awake though – the steady, insistent
buzzing of her danger sense, trying desperately to pierce the veil of perfume-induced

She began to panic in a mindless, bovine way, lolling her head
back and forth and moaning in distress as she was held spread-eagled in the
air. More of the menacing green vines rushed in to silence her. One of them
homed in on her lowing mouth, plunging between her slack jaws and sinking
itself deep into her throat before she could even think of resisting. The
Thundercat immediately began to choke and gag, her basic survival instincts
still operating even in this drug-addled state. It was no use though – her
limbs were firmly bound, and she lacked the strength to fight off her assailant
even if she knew how.

The vine started to slide in and out of her stretched-out throat
in a strange rhythm, and Cheetara found she could gasp for air when the thick,
flexible shaft was on its backstroke. In fact, now that she had time to get
used to the intrusion it didn’t seem that bad. The bumps and ridges on the
rubbery tendril massaged her throat even as they stretched it, and the bulbous
head of the vine seed to be exuding a sticky, sweet sap that warmed her chest
as it trickled down her gullet. For some reason the whole experience made
her think of Lion-O, but she couldn’t imagine why.

The captured Thundercat was just staring to get comfortable
with her assault and even enjoy it a little when the next attack was upon
her. Two more vines had reared up like serpents between her wide-stretched
legs. They were similar to the one that invaded her throat – as thick as her
wrist but ending in a fat, bulbous head, sticky white sap slowly trickling
from the tip. Their lengths were covered in a seemingly random pattern of
knobs and bumps. They came from front and rear to approach the gap between
her thighs, and there they hung for a few seconds, swaying slightly as if
in anticipation, waiting for their moment to strike. That moment was now.

The vine in front launched itself at her still-throbbing pussy,
butting violently against her tender lips like a blind beast. It soon found
its mark, however, since Cheetara’s pussy had been so recently spread wide
open and was slick and slippery from her excessive lubrication. It plunged
into her, slowing as the widest part of the bulb forced its way into the Thundercat’s
narrow passage, then bursting forward again as it slipped past the feeble
barrier of her orifice. Cheetara’s body convulsed at the massive and unexpected
intrusion and she tried to gasp for air, but as her throat was still full
of the earlier invader all she could do was choke on its rubbery stem. She
was fuller inside than she’d ever been, and even through her perfume-induced
daze she felt the cold clench of fear in her stomach as she wondered what
effect this was having on her previously tight little cunt. Little did she
realize that this had been the easy one.

The tendril at her rear now pounced, diving upwards between
the perfect globes of her firm, round ass. Her wide eyes widened further as
the Thundercat felt the fist-sized bulb thrusting and writhing against her
butt-cleavage and she immediately clenched her buttocks in an instinctive
reaction to the assault. If anything this just made the vine try harder. It
pushed on with redoubled strength, forcing itself slowly between her muscular
ass-cheeks. Even though she was lost in a haze of narcotic scent, to her credit
the Thundercat fought valiantly against the attack. Of course, it was all
in vain. The plant had strength reserves Cheetara could only guess at, whereas
she was almost completely drained. That, coupled with the fact the her ass
was so well lubricated with a mixture of sweat, pussy-juice and sap from the
bulb-tip, meant that the battle was lost almost as soon as it began.

The vine plunged deep between her buttocks, crashing into the
rosebud of her anus with the force of a well-placed punch. In that initial
impact the bulbous head buried itself almost halfway past her sphincter, stretching
her orifice wide open and bringing sharp tears of pain to Cheetara’s wild,
staring eyes. Another mighty shove and the rest of the pod was inside her,
filling her asshole to bursting point and nudging roughly against the other
bulb already within her, the two separated only by the thin membrane of her
inner wall. Cheetara could feel them pressing against each other inside her,
filling her from both angles in a way she never dreamt possible. She wanted
to cry out with the pain and panic of it, and in her childlike state of mind
she began to weep and sob in her sorrow.

But it didn’t stop there. As before, with the vine that still
pumped her throat, the fat-headed shafts in her pussy and ass began to slowly
slide in and out. They moved in alternating rhythm, front then back, front
then back, never removing the head from its orifice on the backstroke but
plunging deeper and deeper inside her on the instroke. With every thrust and
counter-thrust came the point where the bulbs would rub against each other
inside Cheetara, pinching her inner wall in vice-like pressure as they fought
for space in her confining passageways. All the time they continued to pump
their sap inside her, slicking her cunt and rectum with the whitish fluid
that intermingled with her own female juices.

With the Thundercat’s mind now barely capable of rational thought
there was no way she could realize that the sap was the key to her downfall.
She couldn’t know that it contained a potent narcotic aphrodisiac, a concentrated
liquid form of the scent that emanated from the manplant’s purple blossoms.
As a stranger to this forest and this world Cheetara could never have recognized
the tell-tale signs of this natural sexual predator, this rapist-plant that
lurked in clearings, just waiting for female animals that it could tempt with
its alluring blossoms and ensnare with its powerful vines. Perhaps if she
had spent more time talking with Willa or her Warrior Maidens she may have
heard the warnings given to foolish young girls – don’t dally by the purple
blooms, or else the manplant will get you.

But Cheetara knew none of this. All she knew was that what had
started as an agonizing attack was swiftly becoming something altogether different.
The fullness inside her no longer felt painful or frightening, it seemed somehow
satisfying and right. The harsh grinding of her inner flesh became more and
more like firm but loving caresses. What had previously hurt the Thundercat
now merely tickled, what had overstretched her now seemed fulfilling, and
what had already started to give her some unbidden stimulation now offered
her so much more. The potent sap was becoming absorbed into her system, vastly
enhancing her pleasure responses whilst stifling her pain, and all the while
relaxing her muscles even further.

Cheetara stopped fighting against the ruthless pumping of the
invasive vines and started to work with them, rocking her hips in tandem with
the lower intruders, relaxing her throat and even starting to suck longingly
on the vine in her mouth. She did not know why this violent rape suddenly
felt so good, it was enough for her that it did. She began to moan in pleasure,
the soft sounds resonating through the rubbery shaft in her windpipe. Fresh
girl-cum oozed from her stretched-out cunt, her insistent little clit throbbing
excitedly above the penetrating vine, aching to be touched, as desperate as
Cheetara was for the caress that would bring her to orgasm.

Deep inside her, the pussy-vine had reached another barrier.
Once, twice, three times it bashed in vain against her cervix, each time soaking
it in the muscle-relaxing sap. On the fourth attempt it burst though the convulsing
hole, thrusting triumphantly into Cheetara’s virgin womb. The pain and shock
was immediately transformed into ecstatic joy by the chemicals in the Thundercat’s
intoxicated bloodstream, causing her to cry out sharply in sheer sexual delight.
Her muffled shriek echoed through the small clearing, which was of course
not a natural clearing at all. It was simply the area of forest claimed by
the multiple growths of the many-limbed manplant.

As if sensing Cheetara’s submission to the sensuous pleasures
of its natural drugs and violent raping of her every orifice, the manplant
moved to the next phase of its instinctive attack pattern. A second wave of
tendrils approached the Thundercat from the surrounding trees, but these ones
held a greater variety of forms.

Not that the Thundercat would have noticed – at this point she
was far too preoccupied with fucking wildly against her vine-lovers, screaming
her pleasure into the shaft of her mouth-rapist in between sucking hard on
the fat stem and gulping down its sticky sap. Even if she saw the twin flower-budded
vines approach her chest, why would she care? She was in absolute rapture,
blissfully ignorant of the world around her.

The new tendrils halted, apple-sized buds wavering over the
swollen fleshy mounds of Cheetara’s breasts. Slowly the buds began to open,
purple petals unfurling with a delicate grace that seemed to contradict the
brutal, pounding rape being carried out before them. Once fully blossomed,
the flowers lowered themselves onto the Thundercat’s jiggling boobs, nestling
gracefully on each massive tit, gently covering the soft but firm flesh and
centering on each of the thick, hardened nipples. If Cheetara even noticed
the subtle sensation amidst the nerve-shattering pleasurepain that wracked
her body she paid it little attention. That, however, would quickly change.

Shards of pain lanced like daggers through Cheetara’s over-engorged
nipples. She bucked and screamed, body thrashing violently in attempt to shake
the flowers loose, but to no avail. This was not the same as the sensations
in the rest of her body, where even the bitterest agony was translated a thousand
fold into exquisite joy by the mind-altering drug in her system. This was
pain, raw and primal and beyond her worst nightmares. It felt as though dozens
of tiny needles were piercing her nipples, as if the flowers had developed
vicious little mouths and now bit down hard with their razor-edged fangs.
The torment exaggerated all feeling in Cheetara’s breasts. They seemed huge
to her now, twice the size they were before, heavy as rocks and aching throughout.
Her nipples felt as though red-hot embers were scorching them, and her tears
flowed freely as pain-induced nausea overwhelmed her.

Yet the many-stemmed rape continued, and as the sickening agony
in her breasts started to fade Cheetara once more felt herself succumbing
to the seductive pleasures of the manplant. Within a minute she had forgotten
all about the pain of the flower-stings, and was again enraptured by the drug-enhanced
fucking in her pussy, ass and throat. Her breasts continued to feel heavier
though, and as time passed and the pulsing waves of pain throughout them subsided
into a warm glow they actually felt increasingly swollen. Somewhere in Cheetara’s
mind some part of her still retained enough awareness to be curious, and she
drowsily opened her eyes to gaze at her bust.

It wasn’t easy for Cheetara to focus on anything in her current
condition, but it was especially difficult to see her chest with her head
craned back to suck on the plant-phallus that was hammering into her throat.
It took her a few moments to catch a glimpse of her boobs, each still capped
by the vicious flower-vines. When she finally saw them her heart fluttered
in shock. They didn’t just feel bigger, they were bigger. A lot bigger.

Cheetara had never exactly been under-endowed, but she had seen
a few females back on Thundera with breasts larger than hers. She had never
seen anything like this though. They were huge. More than huge, they were
like balloons, swollen beyond all recognition, at least double the size of
her usual assets. They felt like they weighed a ton, and were sloshing around
on her chest in an obscene manner. Even nursing mothers with full litters
of Thunderkittens to feed never swelled up to these extreme proportions.

If Cheetara was in any position to ponder any of this she might
have realized what was about to happen to her. As it was, in her simple-minded
daze she knew nothing of her fate until the flower-vines sprang back into

As if by hidden signal, the petals wilted and fell from the
plate-sized flowers on her enormously enlarged breasts, revealing the dark
green buds underneath. Cheetara could see now that the flowers had indeed
clamped onto her stiff, pink nipples, each of which was now obscured by the
leathery green mouth enveloping it. It was hard for her to concentrate on
what was happening, especially since the rapist-vines were pounding her battered
body harder than ever before, sending her into dizzying waves of orgasmic
bliss. However, she just couldn’t look away. She just had to see what was
happening to her much-abused titties.

That was when it happened. The breast-buds quivered, flexed
and started to convulse in a weird spasmodic rhythm. With each clench Cheetara
could feel her nipples being tugged and squeezed in the manplant’s vice-like
grip, but she still couldn’t understand what was happening. Then a strange
feeling tingled through her breasts and she felt a sudden indescribable sense
of relief through her nipples. They seem to feel hot and cold and wet all
at once, though they were still hidden from sight within the dark green pods.
It wasn’t until a trickle of white fluid seeped from the edge of the plantpods’
mouths that the Thundercat’s doped up brain finally got what was happening.
She was being milked.

But Cheetara’s muddled thoughts could progress no further in
that direction. It had been hard enough to ignore her wonderful, brutal raping
while she studied her breasts, but the added sense of blissful satisfaction
as she was slowly relieved of her milk-load was too much for her to bear.
She was lost once more to the throes of ecstasy, bucking like a wild horse
as she was sexually assaulted from five different angles. The manplant’s latest
victim was too far gone to realize that this was all part of the process –
stimulating milkflow in the captured female so that the malevolent flora could
feed and replenish its own strength for the final attack, but more importantly
to ensure that there would be a steady supply of nourishment for its new seedling.

The breast-vines pumped and sucked and drained Cheetara’s overflowing
udders like greedy children, even managing to slightly reduce the size of
her massive swollen boobs in their fervent assault. Not that this would last
too long – the Thundercat’s mammary glands were now producing milk at an incredible
rate, and as soon as the milking stopped they would refill to bursting point
within minutes. Cheetara would have to be fed from or milked very frequently
for the next few weeks or risk massive breast-pains and even injury from excessive
lactation. Not that the manplant cared, or was even capable of emotion. It
had a genetic imperative to provide food for its young, and in the meantime
it would take advantage of its methods to fuel its own assault on the hapless

This continued for almost an hour – Cheetara gang-raped by the
original three vines while the breast-buds milked her over-productive boobs
to feed her attacker. The Thundercat’s mind was nearly gone, carried away
on a tide of drugs, pain and sexual ecstasy. She almost lost her identity
completely under the physical and chemical assault, but something was about
to bring her back from the edge.

The many and varied vines that had been writhing around the forest floor beneath
the suspended female rose to action at last. It was time for the final preparation.

Cheetara’s whole body jerked as she felt a new attacker hammer
into her puffy, abused vulva. It stayed in place, nudging insistently against
her slick, swollen labia as it pressed against the intruder already occupying
her pussy and showed no inclination towards retreating. Somehow through her
induced insanity the Thundercat guessed what was happening. The second tendril
was trying to force entry alongside the first.

It was crazy – each vine was as thick as her wrist with a head
the size of her fist. It was amazing that even one had got inside her tight
little love-tunnel let alone two side-by-side. Indeed, although the manplant’s
limbs were most insistent in their efforts it seemed like they were doomed
to failure, defied by the realities of simple physics. And yet…

Once again, the sap was Cheetara’s downfall. The second head
began to ejaculate its white fluid all over her already-wet pussy. At the
same time the manplant’s strength redoubled. The bulb-head forced itself into
the gooey, pulpy mess between her legs with a strength Cheetara had never
encountered before. The crescendo of power rose to a critical point, and for
a while it seemed that her pelvis might break from the tremendous strain it
was being placed under.

The stalemate broke at last when, with an audible slurping ‘pop!’,
the second bulb finally succeeded in forcing its way into the Thundercat’s
much-abused cunt. The sudden release of force was so potent that the vine
rocketed home, plunging deep inside Cheetara’s pussy, crashing all the way
up into her womb in a single mighty thrust. Her eyes flashed wide open as
the wind was knocked out of her, and for the first time in nearly an hour
she found herself having difficulty in breathing around the thick vine-shaft
in her throat. Twin vines writhed and curled around each other as they fought
for space in her over-stretched pussy, her normally smooth belly bulging obscenely
outwards from the inner battle. But the manplant was far from finished.

Another tendril rose to nuzzle its head into Cheetara’s tender
asscheeks. It was obvious even to the near-mindless Thundercat that the previous
struggle was going to repeat itself, but in a much more uncomfortable place.
One again, the vine nudged up against her wide-stretched orifice, pushing
against the leathery green shaft that already filled that hole. Once again
the sap started to gush, and the pressure started to rise. Cheetara tried
to brace herself for impact, but that was clearly impossible for someone held
spread-eagled in mid-air getting quadruple-fucked by massive plant-shafts
as two more brutally milked her swollen boobs. As it was she could only whimper
into the phallus-vine fucking her throat as the latest invader penetrated
her recently virgin asshole, slipping past its brother in a squirt of sticky

Cheetara now had five vines inside her, two each in her pussy
and ass, one still pumping vigorously into her rubbed-raw throat. Two more
guzzled down her milk as they bit and sucked at her nipples. The tendrils
in her lower regions had stopped their fucking motions, as thrusting in and
out was no longer possible with so many bulbous heads jostling for space inside
her. Instead they writhed around each other like serpents, exploring every
corner of her pussy, womb and bowels. They could be seen under the taut flesh
of the Thundercat’s full, stretched-out belly, obscene shapes twisting and
bulging under her skin and muscle.

But all the time they continued to pump their pleasure-inducing
sap, and once she had become accustomed to the new sensation Cheetara’s warped
pleasure/pain responses had no option but to translate the hideous torment
into the most exquisite, delightful pleasure. She had long since lost track
of her individual orgasms. What she experienced now seemed more like a continuous
wave of climax, a never-ending rollercoaster of sexual peaks that made everything
else pale by comparison.

When another vine rose her face seeking entrance alongside the
throat-fucker Cheetara welcomed it eagerly, stretching her jaw as wide as
she possibly could to accommodate it, then stretching a little more as it
forced its way in. When a third vine rose to her pussy her heart leaped in
joyful anticipation, especially when she noted with glee that it was covered
in cruel, sharp thorns. She was concerned at first that it might not be able
to get inside her. After all, she already had four massive vines filling out
her abdomen and making her stomach swell as if pregnant, and her holes were
stretched so wide she thought they might rip apart. She needn’t have worried
though – after a particularly violent thrust it fought it’s way in, barbs
tearing at her delicate flesh and sending fresh new shivers of pleasure through
her tormented cunt.

The added spice of razor-sharp thorns ripping at her innards
brought Cheetara to new heights of orgasm, but she could no longer breathe
thanks to the twin vines blocking her throat and she was starting to black
out. Darkness encroached her vision as purple flashes sparked before her eyes,
and even through her soul-wracking climax she began to slide into unconsciousness.

Sensing the growing slackness in her limbs, the vines in her
throat wriggled and retreated, first one then another popping noisily from
her mouth. A rush of air flowed back into the Thundercat’s lungs, instantly
reviving her and sending her into a new high of oxygenated dizziness. Life
sparked back into her dulled bovine eyes, and she gazed stupidly up at the
vines that had until recently been plundering her throat.

Trails of drool and sap hung from Cheetara’s slack lips to the
bulbous heads of the vines. They had been ejaculating their plant-fluid into
her constantly, and the first had been doing it for about an hour now. She
had already swallowed what seemed like gallons of the goo, her full stomach
distended slightly outwards above the bulging, shifting bump caused by the
plant-tentacles in her impossibly full fuckholes. Even so, she was still greedy
for the narcotic sap, and she hungrily slurped back the sticky strands that
dangled from the vine-bulbs to her eager mouth, craning her neck forward to
try and lick the rubbery plantpods clean. Despite the fact that she had nearly
choked to death on them she mourned the loss of her throat-fuckers.

Her disappointment was to grow as the other vines also started
to abandon her. Her ass was first. Straining against each other, the vines
inside started to retract, but something was different this time. They had
become tangled up in each other’s coils inside of her, and as they tried to
pull out they became tied. The result was that both bulbous heads breached
her sphincter simultaneously.

For a fraction of a second, Cheetara’s asshole was stretched
twice as wide as it ever had been before. Her wild, staring eyes rolled crazily
around in their sockets as a hoarse, strangulated cry spluttered from her
mauled throat. Even the narcotic sap had difficulty in turning that atrocious
agony into pleasure, and the Thundercat felt her non-stop wave of orgasm suddenly
interrupted by a spike of vicious pain. In her drug-fuelled and rape-enforced
madness she couldn’t help but associate the agony with her continuous mind-blowing
climax. Sap or no sap, for all intents and purposes pleasure and pain had
become one and the same thing to the brutally conditioned female, now and
forever more.

The tangled bulbs popped free of her tortured ass, followed
immediately by an overspill of the sap the had been pumping incessantly into
her bowels. Her butthole gaped obscenely as it dribbled white goo. Even for
a Thundercat’s super-physique and musculature it would take a while for that
violently stretched hole to resume its normal puckered tightness.

Next her breasts were freed. One at a time the milking-buds
wrenched themselves loose, not bothering to retract their thorny teeth beforehand.
The pain sparked through Cheetara’s breasts like lightning, triggering her
greatest nipple-orgasm of the day and indeed her whole life. Now that her
throat was emptied and she was starting to regain her voice she shrieked her
ecstasy at the cruel torment.

Her boobs had been pulled hard into fleshy cones as the plantmouths
tugged themselves free of her, and as soon as they released their grip the
titflesh sprung back like rubber. Her hugely swollen udders bounced and wobbled
like jelly, milk squirting uncontrollably in all directions from her throbbing
nipples. Cheetara lapped up her own breastmilk as it splashed against her
face, savoring the sweet taste that mingled with the potent sap of the manplant,
purring in pleasure at the delicious sexual cocktail.

Finally her thrice-raped pussy was released from its vine-filled
burden. The two smooth-ridged tendrils were the first to retreat, snaking
around each other as they unwound themselves from the third. Cheetara gasped,
filled with weird sensations. She could actually feel her internal organs
shifting around within her as the vines rearranged her flesh in their efforts
to withdraw. The Thundercat could only pant heavily in stunned bewilderment
as her vital innards were mauled and mashed by the careless plantstems, until
at last they were ready to pull out.

There was a strain, a yank and then an almost audible pop from
within her as the first pod tugged itself out of her womb, straining her cervix
as it passed through the tight opening that was already shared by two other
vineshafts. The process repeated as the other smooth vine withdrew its head
from her deepest recesses, slipping through the muscular duct with greater
ease than the first. Cheetara now housed both bulbous heads in her vaginal
passage, her cervix contracting around the remaining thorn-covered shaft that
still penetrated it. The sharp pain of vicious barbs deep within her caused
the Thundercat’s eyelids to flutter in ecstasy, and she uttered a low, guttural
groan of pleasure at the injury.

Lower down, the two retreating vines now started the process
of exiting her completely. Once again there seemed to be some confusion as
the two heads fought to escape at once. Then again, perhaps there was no confusion
– the bulbs seemed determined to pass through her overstretched opening simultaneously,
almost as if they were maliciously attempting to split her as wide apart as
possible. In any case they tugged and heaved and strained at the orifice,
brutally force-fucking the Thundercat from the inside out until something
had to give. It did – Cheetara’s wide-stretched labia flexed and somehow stretched
even wider, allowing both pods to burst free of her crotch in a horrific parody
of childbirth. Sap sprayed and dribbled everywhere – of all her holes, Cheetara’s
womb had been pumped most full of the stuff, and now the excess pints were
gushing out over her thighs.

All that remained was the thorn-vine. Its tactic was simple
– no finesse, no struggle, just an all-out full strength wrench for freedom.
In one almighty tug the spiky shaft was pulled loose, raking the Thundercat’s
pussy-walls and tearing at her labia like talons. Cheetara screamed, a feral
cry of unadulterated joy at this, her ultimate suffering. The piercing cry
resonated throughout the darkening forest as the sun began to set behind the

Once the echoes had subsided Cheetara slumped limply in the
four vines that still held her aloft by ankle and wrist, more like a ragdoll
than ever. Almost a minute passed in suspenseful inactivity, neither she nor
the manplant making a move. The eerie silence was broken only by the drip-drip-dripping
of various fluids from the Thundercat’s sex-soaked body. Sweat beaded and
fell from all over her short-furred skin, sticky sap and girl-cum dribbled
from her abused and swollen crotch, and hot, sweet milk continued to squirt
from her violently chewed-up nipples, spurting in great white arcs like ejaculating

The preparation was complete. The manplant was ready to fulfill
its one driving goal, the purpose of its existence. It was ready to breed.

The four supporting vines flexed and pulled, repositioning their
captive over the dark green mound she had rested on earlier that day. A combination
of sap, milk and cuntjuice spattered onto the large leathery pod as Cheetara
was suspended directly above it. Perhaps it was this staccato sound, perhaps
it was the sudden sensation of movement, but something roused the Thundercat
from her blissed-out daze. She groggily took in her surroundings and strained
to looked down past her balloon-like boobs, which had already fully refilled
their load and were once more aching and full to bursting with hot milk.

Peering over the curve of her overfull bust, Cheetara could
just about see the green mound beneath her, surrounded by the little purple
flowers she had fallen so deeply in love with. She gazed in bemused anticipation
at the place where she had sat. Then, with a sickly wet tearing noise, the
true nature of the mound became clear.

A crack appeared in its leathery outer skin and ran across the
length of the pod. Slowly it started to split apart, strands of sticky sap
suspended between the two halves as they opened up like a gigantic pair of
jaws. The thing inside was a paler shade of green, and looked about the size
and shape of a humanoid thigh. With ponderous slowness it began to raise itself
upwards, until it was standing erect under Cheetara. She could now see that
it had a hole in the tip, and at the base was a much larger bulge. In fact
it looked just like a gigantic green penis…

In her stupefied state, the sinister thought took a few seconds
to ring any alarm bells in Cheetara’s mind. Not that the thought of being
penetrated by the ridiculously huge phallus troubled her. In fact, she was
rather hoping that it would, her lust for any form of pain or pleasure now
easily overwhelming any survival instincts she had left. No, that wasn’t what
caused her to break out in a cold sweat, to tremble suddenly in fear. To her
childlike, intoxicated mind, a penis meant one thing – kittens.

Everything in Cheetara’s instinct, upbringing and education
told her that she mustn’t get pregnant, she mustn’t have kittens. Not until
she’d found her lifemate and bred from him. To breed in any other way was
wrong, a mortal sin. For a Thunderan girl to allow herself to become pregnant
through anything but planned marital breeding was unthinkable.

The little purple flowers seemed to look up at her expectantly.
She’d told them she’d be their girl-flower.

No, she couldn’t do this, it was utterly forbidden! She loved
the flowers, but this was too much. She couldn’t give this to them. They couldn’t
ask it of her.

But they weren’t asking. They were taking.

The vines that held her aloft began to sink, lowering Cheetara
down towards the monster plant-phallus below. The spell that held her transfixed
was broken, and she started bucking and thrashing violently, drawing on reserves
of strength she had thought were long since spent.

“No!” she cried hoarsely, voice cracking as she struggled
to recall the right words. “No penis!” she squealed. “No put
penis in Cheetara! Cheetara good-girl! Not girl-flower, good-girl!” Desperation
filled her pleading voice as the vines continued to drag her down to her impending
fate. The massive phallus-head was now inches away from her puffy, well-lubed

“No!” she shrieked again. “No kittens! No flower-baby!
No make Cheetara preggy!!!”

The green rubbery cockhead pressed against her slippery vulva.
It was so large it felt like a knee pushing into her crotch. Cheetara’s heart
fluttered and her pussy melted in a wave of unbidden arousal. How she would
love to have that monster inside her! The thought of being split in two by
that godlike phallus almost persuaded her to open up to it. But no, she must
resist. For her honor, she must resist! She bucked and twisted, clenching
her pussy shut against the would-be intruder. Her heart sank as she recalled
just how effective that had been against the smaller and relatively weaker
vines. Great tears rolled down her cheeks as the Thundercat wailed like a
child in tantrum.

“NNNOOOOO!!! No preggy! NO PREGGY!!!”

She paused, choking back her sobs as a thought appeared in her
muddled mind. A thought of compromise, of a possible alternative to her most
dreaded fate. A solution that Cheetara mistakenly believed would give both
her and the manplant what they wanted.

“Bring back vine-friends?” she offered, trying to
bargain with the mindless plant that sought only to impregnate her with its
seed. “Me fuck, me suck, me good slut!” she pleaded, wriggling and
jiggling provocatively between her imprisoning bonds. “Make Cheetara
slut, no preggy!” the Thundercat whined. “Me love fuck! Me fuck
f’rever! Make vine-fuck, no preggy! PLEEEASE!!!”

The manplant hesitated in its wrestling tug-of-war against the
struggling Thundercat, as if considering her request. Cheetara’s heart was
instantly filled with hope, and both her mouth and pussy started to water
at the thought of returning to those thick, juicy, sap-filled vines. Maybe
there were some more of the thorny ones for her to play with…

Of course, the plant was incapable of even understanding the
Thundercat’s offer much less accepting it. It was simply an efficient predator,
and was changing its approach slightly to seek out the easiest way of overcoming
this prey. To this end, it lazily extended a new vine towards its captive.
The end was like a huge flowerbud, though slightly different in shape to the
milking pods that had earlier attacked her breasts.

Cheetara beamed gleefully at the new arrival, certain now that
her plan had worked. She craned her neck forward, straining to lap at the
tip of the giant bud, eager to discover what bittersweet sexual tortures this
new variety of vine could offer for her pleasure. It started to open at her
touch, petals spiraling outwards in a graceful arc as it spread its leaves.
Within seconds the flower had bloomed, a purple blossom like its smaller cousins,
its large fleshy stamen wobbling provocatively in Cheetara’s face.

The well-trained Thundercat needed no further invitation, wrapping
her lips gently around the soft flower-phallus and taking it into her mouth.
As she did so the flower petals closed around her, darkening her vision and
fitting over her face like a mask. Cheetara was unperturbed and started to
massage the stamen with her tongue, french-kissing the flower that enveloped
her head. It seemed to wriggle in response, and she thrilled at the tender,
sensuous kiss that her manplant rapist-lover delivered back to her.

Then, without warning, the flowerhead hissed violently, and
Cheetara found her mouth and nostrils filled with a thick cloud of spores.
She choked involuntarily on the palpable gas, and drew deep ragged breaths
of the stuff as her lungs fought for air. She spat out the stamen but couldn’t
free her head of the flower, which continued to douse her face in the dusty

Almost a minute later the hissing stopped. The beautiful petals
of the flower wilted and died, purple crinkling to brown as they fell away
from Cheetara’s face. The vine withdrew, exposing her face once more to the
fresh forest air.

When the Thundercat’s eyelids slowly raised they revealed a
new soul shining behind her eyes. The old Cheetara was gone, possibly forever.
The mindless, lust-crazed slut that had taken her place was still there, but
there was another, more determined facet to her personality now. Her orange
irises had turned to deep, rich purple, and her gaze was full of a new kind
of desire, a new sense of purpose. This newborn woman spoke now, her voice
a smooth, sultry purr of sheer seduction.

“Mmmm…” she moaned “Mmmake baby-flower… make
baby-flower in Cheetara.” She arched her back and spread her hips as
wide as she could. “Puh-lease…” she begged, “Make Cheetara
preggy. Put baby seed in belly. Me want baby-flower. Me good mommy… want
preggy so bad!” Cheetara shuddered in pleasure at the thought, squirting
a jet of hot love-honey onto the manplant’s phallus as her pussy convulsed
with the erotic anticipation of pregnancy.

If the manplant had emotions it would no doubt be filled with
smug satisfaction. Instead it simply continued in the mechanical business
of its biological imperative – Must Impregnate Female.

Once more the manplant pushed its giant green cockhead against
Cheetara’s battered vulva, tightening the vines around her limbs as leverage
to pull the Thundercat down onto the enormous phallus. The size of the thing
was way beyond that of any living mammal on Third Earth, but millennia of
evolution had adapted the manplant perfectly to its natural prey – the Warrior

It was well known amongst all the harem-slavers and brothel-keepers
of the galaxy that the Warrior Maidens of Third Earth had unique characteristics
in their feminine anatomy – characteristics that made them highly sought after
as whores and handmaidens, and guaranteed that they always fetched a remarkably
high price at slave market. For whilst a Warrior Maiden’s vagina was normally
as tight as any other humanoid female’s, perhaps even tighter, it could stretch
to unheard of proportions and accept organs or objects that would tear most
women apart. The truly amazing part was that, no matter how huge the penetration,
within minutes of withdrawal the Warrior Maiden’s pussy would return to its
original tightness, with no permanent stretching or damage at all. And what’s
more, the larger the penetration the more likely the female in question was
to become pregnant through the intercourse. Of course, without the proper
training most Warrior Maidens found this mega-penetration to be excruciatingly
painful, but that was of no concern to the slavers that hunted and sold them.
Or, indeed, to the manplant.

Cheetara was no Warrior Maiden but she’d had a little time for
her pussy to start regaining its natural dimensions. Her ass had already closed
up completely to its regular puckered tightness, though it was still red raw
and oozing sap. However, she lacked the Warrior Maidens’ constant elasticity,
and although the girth of the manplant’s cock was not much greater than the
combined thickness of the three vines she had taken earlier she was not designed
to be regularly filled to such an extreme degree. Now that her cunt had closed
back up to almost its original size she’d have to be tortuously stretched
out all over again to take the mighty green phallus.

The Thundercat grinned in wicked excitement at the thought.

She gasped and purred in delight as the manplant’s massive impregnator-stem
pushed harder against her swollen, well-lubed pussy, the ensnaring vines pulling
her ever downwards, slowly impaling her on the impossibly thick shaft. She
sighed in giddy anticipation as she felt her netherlips spread wider and wider
to accommodate the enormous bulge of its shiny green head. Before today her
cunt had never accepted anything larger than her own fingers. Now it was stretched
so wide that she could easily pass a full litter of kittens, and yet it still
wasn’t quite able to take her rapist-lover’s mighty girth.

Cheetara frowned and snarled, gyrating her hips wildly as she
ground her crotch against the manplant’s cock, desperate to force herself
onto the leathery shaft. Her labia enveloped the very tip of the phallus,
slurping and sliding around it like a wet, sloppy kiss, and her opening flexed
to allow what it could of the bulbous head to enter. The pain of her delicate
flesh being stretched beyond its natural limits arced like lightening through
her super-sensitive vulva, sending mindblowing nerve-impulses to her brain
that were immediately translated as the most exquisite pleasure.

But it wasn’t enough. She wanted it all. She wanted the whole
cock, she lusted for the sweet agony of its cruel vastness inside her, but
most of all she longed to be impregnated by the manplant. She ached for it.
She needed it! And she wasn’t about to let her puny body stop her from getting
what she needed!

With a loud grunt of effort Cheetara slammed her hips downwards
in one almighty thrust, using all of her remaining strength to impale herself
on the trunk-like plant cock. There was a split-second of unbearable tension
as the unstoppable force met the immovable object before the Thundercat’s
lust-fuelled will overcame the limits of her flesh. Her fully-stretched labia
somehow stretched further, her heavily-punished opening finally submitting
to the massive forces at work. A combination of Cheetara’s own efforts and
the tugging and thrusting of the manplant yanked her body violently down onto
the oversized phallus.

What happened next was spectacular. The enormous bulb-head plunging
between the Thundercat’s wide-spread thighs seemed to defy the laws of physics.
Any witness to the brutal penetration must have assumed it was an optical
illusion, as that inhumanly-proportioned cock hammered home into a delicate
opening never meant to take anything near that size. Cheetara’s groin flexed
and shuddered, but her tormented flesh somehow accepted the monstrous intruder.

But that wasn’t all. The sudden release of such powerful pressure
propelled the Thundercat downwards at great speed. In a fraction of a second
she was at ground level, her body instantly filled with the entire length
of the manplant’s mighty penis. It crashed through her vaginal opening with
the power and speed of a freight train. Her already-weakened cervix didn’t
stand a chance. The massive head of the leathery green cock punched through
her final barrier as though it wasn’t there, immediately filling her womb
with its bulbous mass.

Cheetara screamed. She screamed as loud as she could for as
long as she could, only stopping when her voice cracked and no more sound
would come.

She had been violated to a level she had never dreamed possible.
This whole situation was impossible. Her pussy was stretched wider and fuller
than any Thunderan female’s ever had been before. The cock inside her should
have killed her outright when it tore into her. But she had been saved, rescued
from certain death by the very thing that had been her downfall. The copious
amounts of manplant sap her body had absorbed had relaxed and adapted her
flesh to the point where it could survive even this incredible punishment.

Of course, the sap could only do so much, and if the penetration
had pushed back the boundaries of physical endurance and anatomical possibility
so too had it redefined the limits of pain the Thundercat could suffer. The
white-hot agony that coursed through her body was immeasurable. It was a level
of torment achievable only by one whose physical sensitivity had been boosted
many times over by the intoxicating sap. No Thundercat before her had ever
felt such pain as Cheetara felt at that moment.

Her scream had been one of unimaginable sexual ecstasy.

Pleasure and pain had long since become inexorably intertwined
in her addled mind, but if anything this new height of torment reinforced
the latter’s dominance as the Thundercat’s preferred form of sensation. She
had become a true masochist, enduring the ultimate pain to yield the ultimate

Her voice broken, Cheetara continued to grunt and groan in hoarse,
rasping breaths, still struggling to make her body accept the massive bulk
of her rapist-lover’s shaft. Her belly was distended in a bulge, and it was
almost possible to see the shape of the enormous cock within her through her
overstretched flesh. Her huge tits hung heavily on top of that unnatural swell,
milk still dribbling from her constantly-leaking nipples so that the taut
skin of her midriff was awash with the white fluid.

Almost time… but the manplant needed to make a few final adjustments.

Its vines tightened on the Thundercat’s limbs once more, tugging
her carelessly around on its giant cock as if she were a ragdoll. Cheetara’s
eyes gaped wide as her insides were mashed by the jostling organ within her.
All she could do was go limp and emit an almost rhythmic, bestial grunting
as she was roughly repositioned for her impending impregnation. Being swiveled
from side to side on the monster was bad enough – even with her increased
endurance it was unlikely she could have survived if the thing had started
thrusting into her.

Next came the preparation of her womb. The earlier triple-vine
attack had paved the way for the bulbous head of the manplant’s phallus to
stretch her uterus to the size required to house its seed. Now all that remained
was to fill the childbearing cavity with the fluid required to nourish the
seed and keep it protected within the host.

The giant penis flexed and quivered, its movements reflected
in ripples of pain that ran through Cheetara’s body and made her eyelids flutter
in delight. From the base of the plant-cock a slight bulge started to form,
traveling rapidly up the trunk-like stem. It was followed by another and another,
passing through the Thundercat’s widestretched cunthole and pumping up into
her womb. There the tip of the penis tensed and grew slightly before the hole
in the tip burst open in explosive ejaculation.

This wasn’t like the sap, this was something different. Cheetara,
unable now to distinguish between pleasant and unpleasant sensations, savored
the new feeling inside her. This new fluid was cold, colder than the evening
air on her skin. And it was heavy. It felt like liquid lead in her womb, a
thick, gooey chill slowly filling her up. She could feel the ejaculation,
too – great globs of the stuff spattering against the roof of her uterus,
stinging like hailstones in a most delicious way.

Soon her womb was full, but as always this didn’t seem to matter
to the manplant. It continued pumping, stretching her out even further than
before with its viscous goo. All Cheetara could do was purr with pleasure
as her aching uterus was filled beyond capacity. Her belly had distended to
the point where she looked about six months pregnant when the manplant finally
decided to stop. The Thundercat glanced down, noticing the swell of her belly
even past the massive globes of her milk-inflated udders. She wondered if
her torments at the whim of this plant-thing would ever end, or if it would
continually think of new ways to exploit and manipulate her tortured flesh
forever more. She sighed contentedly and sincerely hoped that it would.

Unbeknownst to her, Cheetara’s current ordeal was almost at
an end. The final stage of the manplant’s lifecycle was about to commence.
The massive bump that had sat the whole time at the base of its leathery cock
now began to move. It slid slowly up the shaft, its diameter considerably
greater than the rest of the phallus, and it was clear from the way it moved
beneath the surface that this was a separate object contained within the mighty
green tube. It was the manplant’s seed.

Cheetara couldn’t see the movement, but she had been left relatively
unmolested for a few seconds and knew well enough now to expect a fresh new
torment to be delivered to her at any moment. She was therefore unsurprised
when she felt the bulk of the seed nestle up against her swollen and tightly-stretched
labia. She even guessed that this must be her lover’s seed, and that she was
finally going to be the plant-mommy that she so desperately wanted to be.
One concern did trouble her dazed little mind, however – it had taken all
of her strength and the manplant’s greatest power to force the width of its
cock into her too-small pussy. How on Third Earth was she going to get this
even bigger bulge inside?

As usual, the manplant had all the answers. From the dark recesses
of the open seedcase below her, from the shadowed lining of the huge pod that
had split open to reveal the massive cock that now filled her beyond belief,
there came a new vine. This one wasn’t like the others – it was much smaller
for one thing, barely the width of Cheetara’s little finger. It was also a
much lighter green, and was covered in downy white bristles along its entire
length. Had Cheetara been able to see it from her angle she might even have
laughed at the tiny tendril. It seemed so small and harmless. What could this
pale, thin shoot possibly do to help her take the massive seed?

The vine snaked nonchalantly through the air, insinuating its
way towards the Thundercat’s much-abused crotch. It hovered by her pink, swollen
lips, tip wavering as if searching for its target. Within moments that target
was found, and the vine lashed out with the speed of a striking cobra.

It didn’t look like much. To an outside observer it would appear
that the vine just brushed quickly against Cheetara’s stiff little clitoris,
perhaps tickling her with those little white hairs. That is indeed what happened,
except that those were no ordinary hairs. This was a stinger vine, and each
of those delicate white bristles was laden full of potent plant-venom.

Toxins flooded into Cheetara’s most sensitive flesh, once again
teaching her a whole new meaning of pain. The nub of her greatest sensitivity
had become the source of her greatest torture. If there was a shred of doubt
in her warped mind that pain was now her true master it quickly vanished in
this maelstrom of torment, as her world was redefined in terms of suffering.
She wept bitter tears as her body was wracked by agonized orgasms, her poisoned
clit swelling up to the size of a grape, her vagina and womb clenching and
flexing around the massive shaft inside her.

The manplant seized its chance. The shaft spasmed, hurling the
seed upwards like a bullet from a gun. It worked – Cheetara’s super-climax
had given her pussy just enough extra laxity to allow the seed to pass through.
It hammered past her weakened opening without slowing and thundered up through
her cervix, coming to rest inside the bulbous head within the Thundercat’s
womb. The hole in the tip of the giant green cock slowly dilated, until with
a sickening ‘plop!’ the seed burst forth, sloshing around in the thick goo
that had been pumped in there to cushion it.

Cheetara gasped in physical shock at the new arrival. She had
never felt so full, even after today’s events had dramatically increased her
experience in that regard. It was too much. As sweet as the sensation of over-ripe
agony was, some part of her realized that there was no way she could survive
prolonged exposure to this torture. Fortunately for Cheetara, for the second
time that evening the manplant’s unique physiology saved her life.

Seconds after the seed had been deposited the manplant’s massive
cockstem began to shrivel and wilt. It softly collapsed within her, deflating
like a balloon, and Cheetara found herself breathing a little more easily
as she started to regain some of her inner space. Within moments it had shrunk
to the girth of one of the vines that held her in place and slid out easily
from her wide-stretched pussy, flopping down in a wet, wrinkled mound on the
ground below. The manplant’s life purpose had been served. Its seed had been
passed on, its strength had been exhausted by the attack, and now it began
to slowly wither and die.

Cheetara still hung in the air, suspended by the four vines
wrapped tightly around her limbs. Then they too began to wilt, lowering her
gently into the open seedcase beneath her, now empty apart from the withered
remains of her green lover’s former monster-cock. The restraints on her wrists
and ankles turned brown and fell away, and Cheetara snuggled into the open
cocoon in which she had been placed. She was far too weak to move, but in
any case she felt strangely comfortable and safe within the green, leathery
walls. She was resting in her lover’s embrace, after all.

The Thundercat turned her vacuous, dopey gaze down the length
of her body, purring at the cocktail of milk, sap, sweat and cum that coated
her fuzzy skin and lovingly admiring the 9-month bulge of her belly. She sighed
in blissful contentment. She was going to be a mommy. And soon, by the looks
of it. She hoped her baby had its daddy’s vines.

Cheetara’s pussy squirmed in excitement at the thought, twitching
and throbbing as even now it began to return to its normal size. Later. She
needed to rest now. She had never been so tired. Her breasts were aching full
of milk, but she allowed the dull throbbing to lull her to sleep, too weak
to even milk herself. Her last thoughts as darkness consumed her were filled
with the joy of impending motherhood, and her hopes that her child would be
a boy-flower…


Cheetara awoke in the rosy light of dawn, warm rain spattering
down on her naked skin. She blinked and opened her eyes. Where was she?

Still lying on her back, she glanced around. A forest clearing.
Yes, she could remember stopping here yesterday as she ran through the forest.
Wait – was it yesterday? How long had she been asleep?

She stretched a little on the grass, her every muscle aching
from the smallest exertion. Strange. She ran every day, and it never hurt
like this afterwards. Not that she minded the pain. In fact, she rather enjoyed
it in an odd kind of way…

With some difficulty and strangely-rewarding twinges of hurt
in her muscles she sat up on her elbows, and was immediately confronted with
two hugely-swollen boobs and the massive belly of a heavily-pregnant mother.
She opened her mouth, then closed it again, then frowned.

Was that normal? Something was troubling her about this picture.
She couldn’t remember being pregnant before today, but she knew with absolute
certainty that this was right, this was how things should be. So why couldn’t
she remember being with kittens before now? And why couldn’t she remember
who the father was?

Cheetara shook her head. It didn’t matter. She was happily pregnant,
and that was the way things were meant to be, she was sure of it. She could
worry about the details later – maybe she’d taken a knock to the head and
her memory was playing tricks on her. The thing to do now was get back to
the Cat’s Lair.

The Thundercat rose awkwardly to her feet, fire shooting through
every joint and muscle as she moved, but the pain felt sort of nice, like
an itch being scratched. She dusted herself down, brushing the grass from
her rain-dampened fur. It was only then that Cheetara realized she was naked.
Her fur looked strange as well, sort of matted like it had been coated with
something before the rain had washed her clean. She puzzled over that for
a moment before deciding that she must simply have forgotten to wear the silly
garments that Lord Jaga had given her, and had got muddy by lying in the wet

Cheetara stretched again, and again enjoyed the harsh sensation
of resistance and weariness in her muscles. The pain in her groin was particularly
bad, no doubt a side-effect caused by her pregnancy. She cupped her hand gently
around her puffy vulva and immediately had to suppress a shudder of delight.

Whoa! She had no idea she was so horny! Well, she was heavily
pregnant after all, she must not have had sex with her kittens’ father in
months. Strange though, it somehow seemed like only yesterday. In any case,
this was no time to go touching herself down there. She was a good girl and
would never be caught in a public place like this thinking naughty thoughts
or touching herself in a sexual way. What would her lifemate think – whoever
he was?

For some reason, whenever she tried to think of her kittens’
father the color purple came to mind. Did he have purple fur? That was very
rare, but not unheard of. Though surely she’d remember an unusual detail like
that about her mate?

There it was again, a flash of purple, but this time there was
a shape as well – a flower. Of course! She had stopped here to pluck the lovely
purple flowers, the ones that had that amazing scent! But where were they?

Cheetara glanced frantically around the clearing, but all she
could see were wilting brown masses of decaying vegetation. She was sure the
flowers had been here! Had they all died?

The Thundercat felt an unexpected wave of sorrow at the thought,
a lump rising in her throat as tears welled in her purple-flecked eyes. They
couldn’t be dead! They were the most beautiful flowers she’d ever seen, and
that wonderful, wonderful perfume!

She held her head in her hands, tears flowing freely now. It
was then her fingertips brushed against something unfamiliar in her hair.
Slowly and with great care she reached into her mane to retrieve the soft,
leafy object. Could it be…? Yes! She had saved one of the flowers!

“Don’t worry little guy,” Cheetara purred, her mood
brightening instantly at the discovery as she cupped the purple bloom softly
in her hands. “I’ll ask Panthro for help. I’m sure he’ll be able to find
some way to clone you or grow you or regenerate you. And if not,” she
continued, gazing lovingly down on the purple petals, “I’ll find some
way to make more flowers myself!”

The Thundercat had no idea where the thought came from, but
all of a sudden she was certain that she could indeed somehow help make more
of this flower. She beamed in delight at the thought, and her hand drifted
unconsciously to her swollen, pregnant belly.

“Well,” she said aloud, “I suppose I’d better
start back to the Lair. I can’t run in this condition, and it’s going to be
a long walk!”

So saying, Cheetara stepped out of the clearing and started
to make her way back through the thick forest. The Thundercat glanced down
at the pretty purple bloom in her hand. She was so lucky to have found that
floral glade. The events of yesterday may be a little hazy to her right now
but she had never felt so happy and fulfilled. Even her aches and pains seemed
reassuringly pleasant. And of course she had discovered this wonderful new

Cheetara grinned at the delicate purple petals in her palm.

“I can’t wait to introduce you to Wilykit!”


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