Cheetara in Purple Daze – by Calibos

August 18th, 2011 by admin

Content disclaimer: This is a FANTASY story depicting EXTREME
SEXUAL SITUATIONS. If you are likely to be offended by fictional scenes of
rape, bondage, forced impregnation, sado-masochism and other hardcore fetish
activity please do not read this story.

Legal disclaimer: I do not own the characters or any other
copyright material described in this story, nor do I imply any claim of ownership
of these through my writing about them. I make no profit from this story,
which is purely a work of parody and erotic fan-appreciation.



“Purple Daze”

by Calibos

Like a flash of lightning, a blur of yellow light streaked through the forest,
darting and weaving between the dense trees with incredible accuracy. The
startled wildlife barely had time to react before the light passed them by,
racing deeper into the woods faster than the eye could follow, fallen leaves
billowing in its wake. At last it started to slow, and a shape could be made
out through the blur of motion. A humanoid shape. Then, without warning, the
figure screeched to a sudden halt, tearing up the ground with its feet as
it dug its heels into the forest floor.

Cheetara stood in the half-clearing, panting for breath as she
surveyed the heavily-vined trees all around her. By Thundera, she loved to
run! She had already explored much more of Third Earth than any of her fellow
Thundercats, and she had no intention of stopping while there was still so
much left to see. Today she had gone further than ever before, penetrating
deep into an unknown jungle far from the Cats’ Lair, but whereas the others
could travel all day and not reach this spot the journey had taken Cheetara
mere minutes.

She sat down heavily on a dark green mound about the size of
a barrel, surprised by the texture and softness of it. She had thought it
was a moss-covered boulder, but the surface was leathery and it had a little
give to it, like a hard cushion. This planet was so strange to her – this
bizarre rubbery rock, those weird, thick vines dangling everywhere from the
trees nearby, covered in a strange assortment of bumps and ridges, the curious
purple flowers that grew all around the ‘rock’ where she sat… Truly, she
had never seen a place like this before.

Stretching and sighing, she inhaled deeply as she tried to regain
her strength. She had run too fast, she knew, and now she was exhausted. Her
skintight orange leotard and yellow bodystocking were drenched in sweat, clinging
even tighter than normal to her athletic but feminine physique. Her breathing
was ragged, her lungs burned and her muscles ached. It was a dangerous condition
to be in, out in the middle of nowhere with Mumm-Ra and Mutants and Claudus-knows-what
else on the prowl. Cheetara knew she could not protect herself in the event
of an attack the way she felt right now, or even escape at any great speed.

She sighed again, and somehow the potential dangers of her situation
didn’t really matter. She wasn’t worried or afraid, she just felt… nice.
What was that lovely smell? Those flowers? Their scent was delicious – sweet
and intoxicating and so very, very relaxing.

Cheetara leaned forward drowsily, slumping forward on her makeshift
seat as she reached down to the flowers. Plucking one carefully between her
finger and thumb she heaved herself heavily back upright, swaying slightly
as if drunk. She gazed through half-lidded eyes at the fragile bloom nestling
between her delicate fingers and smiled lazily. Pretty, she thought. The petals
were round but pointed and a deep, rich purple in color, arrayed in layers
around a long, thin stamen that quivered obscenely in her grasp. It looks
like a boy-flower, she mused dreamily, vaguely aware that her thoughts were
muddled and she couldn’t seem to think as clearly as normal.

“Do you get boy-flowers?” she asked aloud, mildly
surprised that she was slurring her words. She must be more tired than she
thought. No matter, she was resting now, and she knew that she was safe here.
She didn’t know why she was so sure of this, but she was certain no harm could
befall her here. Cheetara held the flower to her face and inhaled slowly but

The scent was even better up close. It soothed and caressed
her senses just like before, but now it also took on another more thrilling
quality. It sparkled like starlight through her foggy mind into hidden parts
of her subconscious, sending ripples of pleasure across her skin that seemed
to home in on her breasts and crotch, crackling like electricity across her
erogenous zones. Her eyes closed in blissful rapture as she breathed in the
scent. Lost in her world of hazy sensuality, she didn’t notice the vines hanging
around her twitch and move ever so slightly, even though there was no breeze
to move the foliage in this mysterious clearing.

Cheetara opened her eyes and regarded the flower with dilated
pupils and an unfocused gaze. Her smile had become a broad grin, and although
she had long since regained her breath from running her chest still rose and
fell in heavy, labored sighs.

“Mmm,” she purred, “Boy-flower, you smell wonderful.
I’m going to take you home with me.” So saying, she clumsily wove the
purple bloom into her thick mane of black-spotted blonde hair, moving in exaggerated
slow motion as she took great care not to crush the fragile petals.

“There!” she chimed, grinning like an idiot and gently
patting the flower in her hair, “Now you’re mine forever!”

Her head sagged a little and her gaze wandered downwards, drunkenly
surveying all the other purple flowers that surrounded her. A waft of scent
rose up to her twitching nostrils, a thick cloud of perfume from the dozens
of blooms at her feet. Cheetara breathed deeply, and fireworks of delight
seemed to go off in the back of her brain. The resultant surge of pleasant
warmth and sensitivity to her most intimate womanly parts made her clothes
seem even more uncomfortable than before. She writhed in pleasure and frustration
on the green mound where she sat and tried to focus her vision. Her brows

“All the little boy-flowers,” Cheetara murmured, struggling
with her speech as she tried to remember words and language. She stared in
confusion and dismay at the rows of purple petals all around her.

“All these boy-flowers, but no girl-flowers?” She
frowned, clearly unhappy about this sad state of affairs. She shifted again
on her seat, her sweat-stained uniform now feeling as if it was about 3 sizes
too small.

“S’not fair,” the Thundercat drawled, ignoring the
annoying buzzing that had started up in the back of her brain. She would deal
with that later, this was more important.

Suddenly Cheetara had an idea. Enlightenment dawned slowly across
her stupefied face as her features lit up with glee.

“I know!” she cried, lurching to her feet, careful
not to tread on any of her new friends. “I’ll be your girl-flower!”
She started giggling like an infant at the simple genius of her idea.

“Better get rid of these dumb clothes though,” she
mumbled, eager for any excuse to be rid of the constraining garments at this
point. “Flowers don’t wear clothes, that’d be stupid!”

Fumbling with her leotard, she managed to get it halfway down
over her shoulders before losing her patience and tearing at the fabric in
frustration. It came apart easily under her razor-sharp claws, and the shreds
of material fluttered gracefully down to the forest floor. Cheetara tut-tutted
and bent double to pick up the pieces, carefully lifting them off the flowers
they had landed on. “Sorry boys,” she purred with a chuckle as she
freed the blooms from the scraps of her outer clothing.

She was left in just her translucent body-stocking. It clung
to her shapely legs, running taut across her lean, athletic torso and stretching
to bursting point over the Thundercat’s disproportionately large breasts before
hooking over her shoulder and running down her left arm. It was never intended
as her sole attire and it revealed more than it hid even at the best of times.
The gauzy material was pulled so tight across her bulging bust that it became
completely transparent. Her pale pink areola were clearly visible, and her
painfully-erect nipples stood out like hard little plugs on her magnificent

The unfettered display of her bust was not unusual when Cheetara
wore only this insubstantial body-covering. What was slightly less common
was the fact that the whole crotch of the bodystocking was now soaked with
her female juices, so that it too had become entirely see-through. The stain
of her arousal spread halfway up her belly and right up the cleft of her perfect
round ass, and it had leaked down her inner thighs almost as far as her knees.
When she bent over at the waist to pick up her leotard, anyone standing behind
the cat-woman would have clearly seen the beautifully-formed folds of her
labia and the hard pink nub of her eager clit poking out against the moist,
clinging fabric.

The fact that the suit was already soaked with sweat didn’t
help either – the entire thing was now more of a color-tint to her skin than
a body-covering, and the areas most females would do their utmost to keep
hidden were those areas most fully on display. Cheetara, however, was not
most females. She was a Thundercat, and had no taboos when it came to nudity.
The fact was that she only wore these clothes for protection, as her Lord
Jaga had commanded – though she often wondered what sort of protection he
thought a flimsy, skintight swimsuit and translucent bodystocking would offer

Not that she could form such complex thoughts at this point.
All she knew, and all she wanted to know, was that she had to get undressed
so that she could be a girl-flower for her little purple friends. On a more
intense, primal level she was driven by the need to get out of these constraining,
uncomfortable clothes before they drove her mad with frustration. She snarled
at her discomfort and her annoyance at how difficult the simple act of undressing
had become. In a single wrench she tore the entire sodden-wet suit from her
body, her flesh stinging as the fabric ripped and snapped from her skin.

Cold air washed over her exposed flesh, raising goosebumps on
her quivering muscles, drying the moistness on her velvety skin and cooling
her burning-hot breasts and twitching vulva. By Thundera, that felt good.
Cheetara’s head lolled blissfully from side to side as she swayed groggily
on her feet, so relieved to be free of her prison of clothing. Her head slumped
down on her chest. Was it just her, or did her breasts look bigger than before?
Her nipples were certainly larger than they’d ever been before, each one standing
out a clear inch from her swollen breasts, painfully hard and almost visibly

Leaning forward, she could just about see past the swell of
her breasts to her flowery friends below. The Thundercat grinned as she greeted
the purple blooms around her feet. It was then she realized that she still
had her boots on. Lazily extending an arm down towards them she noticed that
she was also still wearing her bracelets. She sighed, enjoying another delicious
waft of the sex-perfume, and decided that she was naked enough.

If only she didn’t still have that irritating buzzing in the
back of her head. The Thundercat frowned and shook herself, convinced that
if she ignored it that it would go away, no longer able to recognize the warning
signals from her sixth sense for what they were. To her scent-addled brain
it was just a nasty, grating feeling that she wanted rid of because it was
spoiling her fun. Even her normal senses were dulled to such an extent that
she never noticed the ends of several of the thick green vines detach themselves
from nearby trees, writhing like tentacles as they slowly curled and slithered
through the air towards her.

Cheetara slumped back down with a thud onto her green mound
seat and flung her arms wide with a beaming grin. Her breasts bounced and
wobbled wildly with the motion, and she addressed the assembled blooms at
the top of her voice.

“Here am!” she cried, unable now to recall even the
basics of language. “Me you girl-flower! Boy-flowers like girl-flower?”

She glanced dopily around the purple flowers and, getting no
response, frowned again.

“No like?” she pouted, and flopped her arms down by
her sides. Her head slumped in disappointment, and she was faced again with
her enormous boobs, wobbling heavily on her athletic feminine frame. Once
again, realization dawned across Cheetara’s face.

“No look like flower!” she gasped, her dazed mind
grasping at the concept of attractive appearance. She looked liked a Thundercat,
not a flower. But she wanted to be pretty for the lonely boy-flowers! What
could she do to look like a flower?

From out of nowhere, inspiration struck her feeble mind. She
rocked back on her leathery seat, nearly slipping in the pool of female honey
that had gathered there from her pulsing, cum-squirting cunt. Raising her
legs up into the air, Cheetara spread them wide and reached around her thighs
to that hot, sticky center of her passion. She knew the answer now – she would
show them her womanly flower, the pink-petaled orchid of her pussy.

Dipping her fingers into the folds of her labia she stretched
them wide apart. Her pussy-hole gaped open, and immediately a torrent of welled-up
love juice came gushing out, seeping into the green mound she sat on and dribbling
down onto the grass below.

“Pussy flower!” she cried in delight, and the delicate
skin of her inner lips did indeed resemble the fragile petals of a flower,
with her stiff, swollen clitoris like a throbbing bud in the center. Cheetara’s
woman-flower even had its own perfume – a musky, heady scent that could drive
any male (and most females) wild with desire.

The drug-dazed Thundercat tried to look at her friends the flowers
to see if they liked her now, but in this new, obscenely lewd posture she
could see nothing past her own massive tits and well-toned curvaceous thighs.
She knew that they must love it though. She could just imagine their happy
little flower-faces, not lonely any more now that they had a girl-flower to
play with. She closed her eyes and purred to herself, content in the knowledge
of a good deed well done. Read the rest of this entry »